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Surprise engagement event as Walter Ward (Tiger) proposes to Kaylie-Ann Bosch

Walter Ward (Tiger) and Kaylie’s surprise engagement event

Johannesburg model, business woman and pilot, Kaylie-Anne Bosch had no idea that her partner, Tiger Ward (Walter Ward jnr) had secretly planned a surprise marriage proposal. The couple had known each other for 7 years but only recently started dating when they saw each other at the gym in Bryanston.  Tiger, who is the son of well known successful businessman, Dr. Walter Ward (founder of Medicross and co-founder of Advance Medical centre) and Yolanda Kloppers (ex Miss South Africa, 1979). The event was organised by Kaylie’s mother, Sandy Bosch, a successful business woman from Port Elizabeth, together with Yolanda Kloppers and Tiger who managed to keep everything secret from Kaylie, which is that not easy!

The couple were on holiday in the Cape and visited Tiger’s longtime school friend, Nic Harlow, who lives on a wine farm in Stellenbosch. He also happens to be a pilot and took Tiger and Kaylie on a helicopter ride to enjoy the magnificent view of the wine farms in the area.

After 45 minutes of flying in the helicopter, Nic said that he needed to do an emergency landing to go to the loo. Kaylie found that a bit odd but didn’t suspect anything.

She really enjoyed the experience as she loves flying, being a pilot herself having previously worked for CemAir.  Tiger was starting too nervous about proposing to Kaylie but he managed to stay composed without her suspecting anything.

As close family members gathered and hid under the trees nearby the landing area at Lanzarec wine estate, determined to to keep this special moment a surprise for Kaylie, they became ever more excited and took a lot of video footage. It was only Tiger’s parents, Dr. Walter Ward and Yolanda Kloppers, Kaylie’s mother, Sandy Bosch and her partner John Veltsman, Dr. Ward’s partner, singer/songwriter Colé van dais, Kaylie’s brother and his girlfriend.

At 2:30pm the helicopter landed at a specially prepared area at Lanzarec wine estate with waiters ready to pour champagne awaiting the couple’s arrival. Tiger and Kaylie got out and chatted for a few minutes facing each other while family members waited in their hiding place anticipation taking pictures and videos of the couple while trying to remain invisible as not to spoil the surprize.

Suddenly Tiger went down on his knees asking for her hand in marriage with a traditional proposal. It was all very romantic and special. Kaylie immediately said yes and bubbled with excitement and joy. She was really taken by surprise and didn’t know Tiger was going to propose to her. He feels he has found the woman he wants to share his life with and is very excited about their life together. Tiger is a hardworking, determined, well managered gentlemen, with a heart of gold, liked by everyone who meets him. His parents, friends and family are very proud of him and happy for the couple.

After the proposal, a bit of champagne and a lot of hugs, everyone went to the after party at The Grand Africa Café and Beach where Yolanda Kloppers was joined by her fiancé, Senior Counsel, Josie Bret and other guests, including Dr. Carnie Mattison (owner of The Midrand Conference Centre) and his wife, Mooi, who flew in from Miami to attend this special event. 

Watch the video of this special day at this link:

It was a wonderful celebration of love, happiness and good wishes, celebrated at this beautiful restaurant that is literally situated on a beach. Colé van dais even kicked off her shoes and enjoyed the sand in her feet with Dr. Walter Ward,  who had to fly back early the next morning as Colé was doing a singing performance in Johannesburg. “It was all worth the while having no sleep to be part of this special day.”

Kaylie-ann Bosch is with Walter Ward.

3 December at 17:28 · 

It’s official ? I said Yes !!! ❤️
7 years ago we met . Paths crossed as we remained friends over the years . In May You found me in the gym and 7months months later you changed my life .
You found me With flaws , scars and everything considered imperfect . Then you showed me what you saw . You saw galaxies in my eyes and fire in my heart . We saw each others futures in each others palms and adventure in each other’s souls . You saw me . Wholeheartedly. And I saw you . Genuine. Charismatic . Simply amazing . Perfectly imperfect . Made for me . YES ,today . YES ,tomorrow . A million times …. YES !!! * and No I had absolutely no idea that the 30 November was going to be so miraculous , and I’m so glad I didn’t as it was the BEST surprise ever! ✨
Time stood still on the perfect sunny day and my heart exploded with peace and the utmost tranquility and all of the most raw, real , and magnificent of emotions and feelings in this world …as I realized I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, my lover, shnoogie , and my absolute muse . ?
I have found a life for me in you . Someone I could fight for , and fall with — who would love me to soar further than I ever could on my own strength— to pursue my wildest dreams , but reel me back to reality when needed. Someone who applauds me on the rewards of my successes , but never allows me to lose sight of the reason I started in the first place . Someone who grounds my ego , and lifts my spirits. Someone I could create something and everything meaningful and of value in the world with .
It is you who speaks to my soul in a different way .
You are : the calm to my storm … the arms that hold me through my fears , and the home my heart has been longing to find … I am beyond grateful to have your unconditional love and support . The way you care for and about me brings so much comfort to my soul . Thank you for making me a priority , but above all , thank you for making my self love a priority, too .
Thank you for your selflessness, sacrifice and endless love . No measure of time will be enough … but let’s start with forever ? I absolutely adore you my Tiges ? X Walter Ward

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