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The legend of Jasper the friendly dog lives on honoured by Oscar

There are many dogs walking along with their owners every day on the Sea Point promenade, but one special dog stood out and was known by almost everyone for his curious, cheerful personality which brought joy to everyone who met him. Jasper Venter-Greenwall, who adopted the surname of his parents who took him in a few years ago after his original owners could not look after him anymore. He was such a sparkly personality, loved by his family and most everyone in Sea Point, and he had shared many adventures with his owner, Author, Musical Theatre Director, and Entrepreneurship and Thoughtological Innovative entrepreneur workshop leader, Peter Greenwall. The two very very close and spent all their time together until suddenly, Jasper was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was shocking news and everyone was sad to hear that he had been put to rest in early November.

Jasper will always be remembered and missed and a special page on facebook is dedicated to memories shared with him. See facebook posts below by his owner and friends.

His owner was reluctant to get a new dog, but in early December, he was offered another homeless pup and could not resist. Oscar has won his heart and will be his new best friend.

” Nobody can take away the memories, love and wonderful times one has spent with a friend or pet, but one can never know when you will fall in love again. Just like in the picture where Jasper runs free as the sun rises, so our hearts should be open to the love and new experiences life brings us every day!”

“We will always remember Jasper with love”

Facebook post from 8 November 2019

Peter Greenwall is with Aimee Otto and Toni Venter.

8 November · 

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful outpouring of love for Jasper. Many of you asked what happened- an aggressive lung cancer took him down fast but thankfully he did not suffer.
He was 13 years old and enjoyed a wonderful life. Pet Farewells, Nature’s Way gave him a beautiful send off with a tree planted in his memory.
Thank you Pascale Raine Cooper and the wonderful humans at Vetpoint Dr. Reena Cotton for all you did for him, and thank you Pugsley & Wednesday PetsVondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition and David Van Rensburg at Mojo Market for all the treats when Jasper Venter-Greenwall pulled me into your stores for treats!
Our loving, kind and absolutely amazing Jasper will remain in our hearts and memories forever??

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