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From London to Yorkshire Guesthouse in Capetown to celebrate a fairy tale 30th wedding anniversary

It was just like a princess had flown in from London to celebrate her fairy tale wedding anniversary in style in South Africa, when Jacqui Mason walked down the isle 30 years after she had first married her Prince in shining armour, Mike Mason. It was a magical outdoor garden event on a beautiful day with only close family and friends, at Yorkshire guesthouse in Brackenfell on 12 October 2019.

Mike wore a pale blue suit and pink tie as he waited for Jacqui’s arrival. She walked down the isle in a beautiful full length sequined white sweetheart neckline wedding dress and looked absolutely stunning. Jacqui feels honoured to have had her dad, who is 84, to have walked her down the isle.

Everything was perfect and nothing was left out in the planning that Jacqui admits had taken her a whole year! But it was all worth it. The decor was stunning with an Hawaiin theme as this is a reminder of Mike and Jacqui’s recent holiday in Hawaii. The cake was a stunning vegan sugar-free chocolate cake with a selection of healthy cupcakes. The food table had both vegan and non-vegan varieties to accommodate the vegan friends including Jacqui’s best friend from Johannesburg, Cole van dais, who is a strict vegan had flown in especially to conduct the ceremony and sing some love songs to the couple on their special day. This all went very well and even the DJ, Rachel from Art Decor events, had tears in her eyes as she stated that this was the most romantic and beautiful wedding she had ever been to.

Mike and Jacqui had everyone’s full attention as they enchanted the guests with their beautiful marriage vow renewal ceremony. Jacqui recited poems and love letters she had written for Mike, and entertained the guests with her newly discovered singing talent when she played recordings of songs she had recently recorded especially to surprise Mike. They played the Hawain Wedding song and some of the children danced in Hawain skirts. It was all very entertaining and well planned, one surprise after the other. Mike, who is usually more shy and reserved, surprised everyone when he told the story of how they had first met 30 years ago when Mike was a DJ in London. He met Jacqui in a gift shop where she worked and assisted him with choosing a gift for his little niece’s birthday. Mike admits that it was love at first sight and on their first date he asked Jacqui to marry him!

They were very young and like any couple life has taken them on a journey of experiencing life’s ups and downs together. They have grown, changed and learnt about life which was not always easy, but ultimately love conquers all and choosing to cherish the love they have for each other, three beautiful children and a new grandson, has strengthened their bond and made them value their life together even more. They decided to celebrate their life together by renewing their marriage vows and commitment to another to continue supporting one another and create a beautiful life together.

Their actual wedding anniversary is on Valentine’s day but they had decided to celebrate the anniversary in alignment with their visit to family CapeTown, their favourite place in the world. Jacqui said afterwards that she felt like Princess Diana when she came out to walk down the isle. Everyone was waving, smiling or crying tears of happiness.

See the full dress and event celebration in this video

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